About IJE

The Institute for Jewish Ethics is dedicated to advancing the ancient wisdom of Biblical law and ethics as they apply to contemporary life and society. Through classes, seminars, one-on-one instruction and guidance, IJE addresses real-life issues of the day, probing them through the lens of the Torah’s eternal teachings in a manner that is relevant, informative and inspiring. IJE is also a PACLE accredited organization.

In a society that in so many ways has gone in the opposite direction of acceptable moral and ethical standards, the need for a moral compass to guide us in all of our human interactions is imperative. To that end, the Institute for Jewish Ethics was established. IJE has an open-door policy to anyone seeking answers to life’s thorny dilemmas. From workplace and professional ethics to end of life quandaries, from anger management and relationships issues to medical and legal ethics, IJE aims to fill a void of moral confusion and uncertainty.

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